hello there!!
i'm so sorry i havent been posting this week, i've had a ton of stuff to get done! but the highlight of my summer (besides florida, weddings, camping, beach trips, and so on) is happening TOMORROW! okay. so this might be my favorite week of the year!! i get to spend 5 days with my favorite people, in a place that is surrounded by God! and we get to eat the best recees peanut butter shakes, sing awe-dropping worship songs, listen to fantastic speakers, rustic cabins, and supppeerrr intense games. thats right, none other than HUME LAKE. sooooo much fun! and i am SO excited to spend the week with my youth group! oh- and i'm going with the high school youth group, whom i am super close with but its going to be great to grow ever closer!!
sorry my writing is so choppy/ not making any sense at all! i'm just kinda freaking out :)i'll be back with pictures to share (sadly, they wont be the normal good quality, but they will be taken on my moms little digital.. but pictures are pictures!)
i will hopefully see you in a week! if not, it will be because i'm leaving for florida with heather and my mom the day AFTER we get home from camp! hopefully i get some sleep at camp!


i live in a VERY small town you see. and what do we do when we're bored? we play fireball :)
add toilet paper, lighter fluid, and a lighter, and you get a firey ball of paper that doesn't burn your hand if you hold it for a couple seconds!
so last night after watched the celtics vs. lakers game (so incredibly close by the way! the first game i've actually gotten into..) we went to my friends house and threw this flaming toilet paper everywhere.
soo fun!

just some thoughts.

Last Sunday at Church, one of my youth leaders talked about serving and not serving. did you know that not serving is a sin? I didn't. seeing someone in need and ignoring that urge to go help is a sin. when i think about it deeper, its ignoring God's call to go help someone! i'm not sure if this is 100% correct, but this is just my brainstorming, thinking back on the times when i didn't pick up the fallen papers for my teacher but let someone else... it's being apathetic. just some thoughts.

happy friday my friends!


come on celtics!

i've been relaxing and resting all week long, trying to recover from the flu, which i had on monday.. not the best way to start out summer!
But last night i was super excited to get out of my home and watch the lakers vs. celtics game at one of my best friends house! And although we watched very little of the game due to harry potter re-enactments and having our own basketball game, i was very disappointed by the celtics!

by the way.. the celtics are SO going to win tomorrow!



the best friend :)

we made these chairs in class. i think
they are pretty amazing eh? mines the
blue one in the center :)

mrs. endy. my favorite teacher,
and one of my favorite friends!
mrs.knott. SUCH an amazing lady!
gettin my deploma!

we're graduates!

what a ladies man! [and he's only a
6th grader!!]

this little moterhome was WAY better than a
party bus!

yeah, this is my teacher right here. :)
and to keep ourselves entertained at 12 o'clock at night,
we decided to have a talent show. although no one else
participated besides heather, morgan, and i in our
"like a prayer" re-inactment of GLEE (the best show
on the face of the earth)


if it has to end..

Tomorrow I graduate junior high. to most, it doesn't seem like a big deal, high school and college those matter, but to my little class, junior high matters. These 3 years were the years were we bonded and made our foundations for what will come in the next years of our lives. We are sad to leave, but excited to start the next chapter.

{We have had the time of our lives

And now the page is turned

The stories we will write

We have had the time of our lives

And I will not forget the faces left behind

It's hard to walk away from the best of days

But if it has to end, I'm glad you have been my friend

In the time of our lives.}

this song (Time of Our Lives, by Mr. Tyrone Wells, whom heather, michelle, kelli, and i got to see live in SB!!) clearly portrays what our class is feeling.
i'm not sure if i will have a post tomorrow, due to hair curling, homemade pizza eating, family pictures, partiying, and the actual cerimony! But i promise there WILL be pictures of this day, because. well this day we will be leaving our school. and if we don't have pictures to remember this buy, i will shoot myself. Totally kidding!! BUT i would be very upset!! Anywho. Thanks for taking time to read my blog, i really do appriecate it!


happy day!

hello there!
i'm super sorry that I've been missing lately!
so many things have been happening this week- I'm graduating in six days. SIX DAYS! ah.. I'm leaving my beloved school where I've contently resided for 9 years. I'm living in a new house, that finally feels like home. I'm madly obsessed with Glee. like really! It's sad. My two best friends and I constantly sing it all day long. teachers aren't liking that all the time.. but anywho!
I hope you are having an amazing week!