new home!

if you can see, these are some pictures from the new house! i'll have more soon.


Hi friends!
the next couple days are super busy for me. so if i abandon this blog, please understand! I am moving into my new house!! its a lovely little home, and I am SO excited for the great things that are going to come from it!
I will hope to bring you bunches and bunches of pictures, and hey maybe a total room remodel? My interier design dreams are coming true!


I just love etsy. heres why:

This recycled wooden sign from WilliamDohman

this lovely poster from rollandtumblepress

and these simple little notecards from missive

happy monday friends!



11:00ish may 22, 2010
i'm sitting at pismo. the wind is blowing crazy hard and our tents are breaking down. but i am so thankful God brought me here. i glad my cold went away. i'm so thankful for Jesus' love and goodness. i look around me... the warm beige sand with black freckles, the mighty waves crashing in the sea, and the lush mountains. God knows the exact number of grains of sand that lie on this beach. and although our eyes, ears, and tents are full of sand, and our food tasted a bit like lighter fluid, i am so thankful for this great trip and loving every second of it. it's crazy to think that God made the whole ocean. the whole thing! i can't even see over 50 miles of it, and he made it with his hands, and those same hands hold my heart, and care about my feelings. he loves ME. we talked about Eden and the new heaven, and God's Kingdom. everything was perfect in Eden. but sin corrupted the world. and now there are beer bottles spread across this beach. there's achy bones. there's sore throats andgoosebumbs. can you image a world without that? it's coming back. soon.

I wrote this on the beach. sitting in a sandy little chair. listening to the waves. and listening to God's voice. we talked earlier that morning about seeking and bringing God's kingdom. if you've read harry potter, you'll understand this comparison. seeking the kingdom of God is kind of like being a seeker in quidditch. it's a risky job, you usually get hurt and you face a bunch of trails, but in the end, its the most rewarding.
Seriously, this trip was SO fun. we ran up and down the dunes, ate un-camper like food, listened to great songs,fellowshipped, loved each other, sang songs about marshmallows, ate amazing clam chowder, ate about 2 pounds of sand, and lived in the middle of God's beauty. it was an incredable trip, and it was the people we were with and the God we love that made it so fun.

here are some pictures from the happy weekend :)



I just love sweaters. Cozy and warm, or lightweight and flowy, sweaters make me happy. They are beautiful no matter the style, simple or intricate. I think I might be a sweaterholic.
These are just a few of some sweaters I'm currently loving.

{from nordstrom}

{from anthropologie}

I'm not sure if I will be able to post tomorrow, because I will be leaving for the weekend to go to pismo beach with my best friends! But I'll be back with bunches and bunches of pictures! :)


It's raining here. what the heck?! its supposed to be summer!
I just hope the rain is gone by this weekend, because my favorite people in the world and i are going to down to pismo to camp! Ah! It's going to be SO much fun.
here are some pictures. because i love photobooth.

this is SUPER old, but this is what my school is like :)
i love this girl so incredibly much!
back in the day.

okay. just to make it clear. i dont own this iphone in my hand.
i'm not THAT cool.

okay. dorky picture I know, but you must meet my dog pete. he is the best dog you will ever meet.

chloe and i are the spazz queens


in·spired 1. to breath life into 2. daughter of Bill and Barbara Porcher 3. photographer of happy people, singer in the shower, dancer in the rain, lover of Jesus Christ.

just a hint of a project that we're working on at school. I seriously have THEE coolest teachers ever!


Hello Again!
Super sorry I have blogged in what feels like 8 months (a week)But I was grownded from blogs.. It was a nice break, and I am glad to say I'm back and inspired!
Heres some lovely news:

1. DC SCRAPBOOKS ARE DONE! my brain can function again!!

2. 18 days until I graduate

3. Camping trip next weekend with my favorite people ever!

4. I got a lovely little book from anthropologie :) and it gives me SO many lovely ideas!!

5. I got my graduation dress :)


p.s. i live here. how could that not make you happy every day?


Happy Mothers Day!
I must say, my mom is one of the most patient, caring, selfless, loving people in the world. She loves without end and is slow to get angry. She is SUCH a biblical woman, and she inspires me daily. Oh how I love her!
Heres some pictures of us goofing around :)

ps. we don't really look like this normally! Remember that crazy film camera I had? well turns out it takes pretty bad pictures.. :( But here are some of us... with four eyes and crazy weird smiles that make us look like we have mustaches (okay, maybe thats just me)

Happy Mothers Day { someone loves you :) }



A couple weeks ago Heather and I got our AMAZING teacher a lovely little book from anthropologie! it's just dreamy :)
The book is SO inspiring!
this is what the book inspired me to make....

I hope you're having a wonderful saturday!
Happy-almost-Mother's Day!

change change change

So I'm super sorry that I keep changing the title and design of my blog. I just wasn't content with those before. I'm liking this one much better, and I would love to know your thoughts about it too!

thanks for being flexible!


dear blogs.

dear wonderful, amazing, beautiful blogs.
I love you so much. but I'm sad to say it's your fault i'm failing math. you must stop tempting me with your lovely goodness.
love you much,

Ok. So i'm not really failing math, but i think that blogs are the reason that i have no clue what
this means-
I mean really? is that ever going to help me in life?! ok.. i'm not complaining. but i am SO excited for summer.
would you like to hear why?
1. im graduating from 8th grade. okayy. so this one is kinda bittersweet. I've never attended another school. and in 6 weeks I will be leaving my perfect little Christian school for the big high school. lets just say there are going to be some major changes!

2. i might be moving :) its like a 70% i'm moving to a beautiful little home sometime soon. but another bittersweet moment. i don't remember living anywhere else than my beautiful little ranch. and i'm not a big fan of change, but thats pretty much what all of my year has been, lots and lots of change. hey, i think its good for me!

3. HUME LAKE! seriously best week of my life. Ahhhhhh! Hume is like the happiest place on the face of the earth next to Disneyland.

4. i'm going to florida with heather to enjoy a week with my family!

5. it's going to be a summer of relaxing, living, laughing, and loving :)


Operation Freedom Shoot One {Withrows}

Kenzie and I joined together on Monday for an amazing shoot with this beautiful family!