i had another post planned, but i decided this one deserved it all by itself. you see, my youth leaders Cody & Michelle are going back to Iraq soon. Cody, the junior high youth leader in the valley, started a non-profit organization called the Preemptive Love Coalition. And in their organization they have a company where people from Iraq who make shoes called Klash. There shoes look like this-

aren't they the cutest things you have ever seen?! these are the little girl shoes.

and these are the men's and woman's shoes.

each pair is made by hand, and up to 40 hours is spent to make these one of a kind shoes. and the best part, all of the proceeds go to heart surgeries for children with heart problems!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Laur! I think you would look especially cool in the ballet klash. :) We'll have to figure out a way for you to help out with PLC stuff so that you have another item to cross off the bucket list. :)