just a hint of my weekend!

so.. the bucket list is making another apperence. this time, its full of memories that i could never forget, and its almost half way done! and sense it is MY bucket list, i think that its okay to add more and more things to it whenever i feel like it :) so. if you already haven't heard. i met sharon clark this weekend. i seriously SQUEALED when i saw her at marie calendars. we talked over steaming food, and laughed until our bellies ached. sharon made us feel like we had know her our entire lives, and she wasn't even freaked out over our insane obsession over her!! we went over to the wedding location. oh yeah.. did i mention that? we shot a WEDDING with her. thanks to a gorgeous bride who was so kind to let us come! we got there before the wedding party, so we had about an hour of sharon teaching us to use our cameras the technical way. seriously both kenzie and i's pictures have never looked so good! sharon also let me use her dreamy lense. sound to be good to be true? just wait. after a beautiful ceremony and family pictures we had a quick 5 minutes to shoot with the bride and groom. and that 5 minutes produced the best pictures ever! with golf balls strewn in the background,gorgeous desert mountains behind, and the most beautiful sunshine ever, we got amazing pictures to say the least. and like the ceremony, the reception was insanely beautiful. with hot pink and black? i mean come on... SO good! and to end the best day of my life, we sat outside at in and out chatting away until 11:30 :) SO. back to the bucketlist.. here it is-

{Bucket List}

Meet Sharon Clark. Accomplished july 17th, 2010 (pretty much best day of my life)

Read the entire Bible.

Read all of Nicolas Spark’s Books.

Make someone laugh.

Buy something at Anthropologie.

Shoot a wedding. Accomplished july 17th, 2010 lindsay & tony’s wedding in simi valley, ca.

Write down a dream.

Go to a Jasmine Star Workshop/ Smitten Photography Workshop. No longer necessary. Sharon gave kenzie and i our own 2 hour lesson completely free. While letting me use her lense the entire day!

Fly a kite.

Have a picnic.

Scream praises to God at the top of my lungs. Hume lake 2010

Use a Polaroid camera.

Take silly pictures in a Photo Booth.

Go to Africa.

Finnish a scrapbook. dc scrapbook

Write letters more often than emails.

Finnish a book in 2 days.

Do my own pedicure that looks decent.

Deliver a letter by owl-post.

Start my own photography business.

Be involved with a non-profit.

Spend a whole day at the beach.

Dance in the pouring rain.

Go to Hogwarts. Accomplished july 12, 2010

Not worry.

Plan a wedding.

Visit England. Work in progress. Went to epcot!

Drive to Seattle.

hopefully i will be able to put up pictures from the wedding soon!


  1. Kenzie (im too lazy to sign in & post my link)July 23, 2010 at 9:55 PM


    love everything about this......best day ever!!
    second best day: screaming at hume :) SO good!

  2. golly jeepers. those days made my summer!!

  3. goodness gracious. let's have another one of those days!! miss you girls! xo

  4. Read the entire Bible. - you're so close, right?

    Write down a dream. - so easy. you even have a cool anthro journal to write it in! i'll ask you about this next week...

    Fly a kite.

    Have a picnic.

    Spend a whole day at the beach.

    --let's put the above 3 on a to-do list that we'll accomplish in the next month, before you go back to school. kayla's coming back soon so we could make a day of it! :)

    Be involved with a non-profit. - working on that. trying to find something you and heather can help out with this month! :)

    So whenever Kayla gets back, we for sure need to plan a beach day! You bring the kite, I'll bring the picnic lunch. :)

  5. yes yes yes yes! i think that sounds like a plan!